Teacher Testimonials:

"I've been teaching at Hoover Middle School for the
past five years. I wish I had someone as capable as
Lynné Funkhouser at my old school. She is a fine
musician with great communication skills, a person who
relates well with students of all ages. She also has
a special skill working with students who face extreme
learning challenges. Finally, she has been
responsible for some of my best clarinetists over the
past 4 years. I think that says it all!" - Paul Yonemura, Hoover
Middle School

“Lynné has worked with my clarinet and saxophone students on and off over the past 10 years at Presidio Middle School.  I can say a lot about her positive teaching style, her professional attitude toward scheduling, and her resourcefulness about finding the right materials for each student, be it choice of sheet music, a different mouthpiece, a neck strap that fits, or the like.  But I can also let the record speak for itself.  Lynné's groups earn the highest ratings at our district Solo & Ensemble Festival every year she coaches.  Lynne's groups are well prepared and confident, and the music just rolls on out.” - Diana Gomez, Band Director, Presidio Middle School

“In only a few short weeks, Lynné Funkhouser, made a real difference with my clarinet and saxophone players. She has an enthusiastic way of relating to my middle school students and they immediately respect her musical abilities and her vast store of information. She holds my highest regard. I wholeheartedly recommend her as a section coach and as a private instructor.” - Richard Frazier, Director of Bands and Orchestra, Roosevelt Middle School, San Francisco Unified School District

Parent Testimonials:

“Lynné has been incredibly upbeat and encouraging for my son, while also challenging him to do what he didn't think he could do. He comes out of his lessons chattering to me about what they did together and what he learned. He even begged me for longer lessons!” - Daphne Powell, parent

“Our son has had Lynné Funkhouser as an instructor for about 4 and a half years now. He plays alto sax.   He actually looks forward to his lesson each time!  One of his favorite things is playing "duets" with Lynné.   My husband and I believe not only is it important for an instructor to be great at what she does, but we think it's equally important for a teacher/student relationship to be a compatible one.  Lynné and our son are not only compatible, but we've also noticed that she is very encouraging, supportive, and pushes him just enough.  Whether he is in a sad or bad mood when I drop him off for practice, he always comes out happy and loving life!  Lynne has the gift of teaching and getting along well with her students.  We are very glad she was recommended to us and look forward to his progress each year!” - Joanne and Michael Haigh, parents

 “My son started taking clarinet lessons from Lynné after she was recommended by his middle school music director.  My daughter started taking alto saxophone lessons, as a complete beginner, from her a year or so later.  Lynne’ has been encouraging and patient while challenging them to push themselves.  She reminds them over and over again about proper technique and practice habits without losing her sense of humor.  As keeper of the “family calendar,” I’ve appreciated her willingness to reschedule lessons when that calendar gets out of control.  I recommend Lynné as an instructor whenever I get the chance! “ - Robin Seiden, parent

“They say if you find a great teacher you must be very lucky as well as loved by God. Both blessed us when we found Lynné Funkhouser as a clarinet instructor in 2004 for our son who had just entered middle school. A close friend and co-worker invited us to her teenage daughters’ jazz recital. The girls had been Lynné’s students for many years and their performances were quite impressive, especially given their ages. That’s how we came to know Lynné and hear her students’ in a live performance. Lynné has an exceptional ability to teach clarinet and saxophone to school age children. She teaches her students to perform professionally and with high expectations. We have been constantly surprised at each and every performance our son has had since he has been taking lessons with her. Her patience with pupils and consistent expectations of their practice habits are the main keys to the success of her teacher-pupil relationship. We are extremely pleased with Lynné’s teachings over the past three years and hope to continue this connection as long as our son is studying or playing music.” - Maryam Talako, parent

“Lynné is an enthusiastic and talented teacher. She always says positive things about my son’s progress with clarinet, and this definitely motivates him to practice and enjoy his instrument. Also, Lynné is very professional and reliable about all scheduling related to lessons.” - Allison Jacobs, parent

“Lynné is a truly gifted teacher who mixes music with magic. She has taught my older son clarinet for several years, and he loves it. But, even more amazingly, she got my younger son interested in playing the saxophone when he previously had zero interest in playing any musical instrument. Now he LOVES it and can't wait for his lessons — it has changed his life. That was magic.” - Barbara Moser, parent

“Our son, has been taking music lessons from Lynné for five years. He now plays the clarinet and saxophone with confidence and joy. We credit Lynné for inspiring and encouraging him each step along the way. She is a gifted teacher and we have recommended her to many friends.” - Beth Alberts and Gordon Atkinson, parents

“It is our genuine pleasure to provide a reference for Lynné Funkhouser. Our son, has been taking alto, and then tenor, saxophone lessons from her for about fifteen months. He loves taking lessons from Lynné!”

Teaching Style:
“There may be no such thing as perfection, but Lynné comes as close as we have found. Every superlative we know applies to Lynné’s teaching style; she is a gifted teacher. She motivates, teaches, critiques, advises, and provides a solid musical foundation in a highly positive and disciplined environment. Lynné makes learning fun and this translates into a highly motivated student. Within seven months of our son P.J. starting lessons with Lynné, he made his middle school’s jazz band and he was only in sixth grade. We credit Lynné with this turn of events. She was his main cheerleader when he tried out and she gave him invaluable tips and tricks! She built our son’s musical skills and, equally important, his self-esteem.”

Professional Conduct:
“Lynné is extremely professional and conscientious. Her word is her bond. She has always accommodated us with make-up lessons if we couldn’t make our usual time. Lynné is always willing to schedule more time when he needs it. Lynné has great communication with us. We know how our son is progressing from week-to-week. The written communications and schedules she provides for her annual recital are well-thought-out, clear and informative. We cannot say enough good about Lynné!”

Special Bonus: Lynné’s Students in Recital
“We have attended many student recitals, but the recitals presented by Lynné’s are not to be missed. Lynné’s teaching excellence and the talent of her students are on full display. The friends we invited to the June 2006 recital have been pestering us ever since asking when the next recital will be. That has not been our experience with any of the other recitals we have attended. We can't wait for the next one either!”
“We are so very happy that our son’s exposure to the saxophone has been such an incredibly positive experience and we credit Lynné for that!” — Joaquin and Pat Garcia Luna, parents

Student Testimonials:

“I always look forward to my lessons with Lynné. They challenge me and help me improve my playing. Her teaching increases my love for music even more.” - Kai, alto saxophone/clarinet student-Hoover Middle School

 “Teaching a fifty-nine year old how to improve his clarinet playing must have it's own challenges, but Lynné helps students of all ages. After years of haphazard practice on my own, I began working with Lynné and she helped me structure my practice routines and make steady improvements. She stresses the fundamentals of breathing, fingering, articulation, and scales as essential daily groundwork to taking on the musical pieces. And she always balances a disciplined method of practice with time for the fun stuff. Thanks, Lynné, for your excellent guidance!” - John Gleazer, clarinet student